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Orissa is the only state that showcases India's wealth in its splendid temples, shrines, glistening golden beaches and crowing architecture, sculptures and other diverse arts and crafts.

Lying on the eastern coast of India, Orissa was earlier called Utkal in deference to its wealth of arts and crafts. Orissa, Kalinga or Utkala of ancient times with an area of over 1.55 lakh sq km lies in the tropical zones. Kissing the sunlit waters of the Bay of Bengal in the east and the heavily forested blue hued hills of the Eastern Ghats, the state's dazzling diamond - like reflection what the Travelmasti appetite with her elegance, refinement, grace, radiance, splendors and magnificence. Her rural tranquility, great forestlands inhibiting all sorts of wildlife, gentle coastline, deep valleys of the Mahanadi the Brahmani and the Bansadhara, lush paddy fields and green forests constitute an experience unprecedented. Famous Chilika lake with two beautiful islands - Parikud and Malud, is home to thousands to migratory birds. Gushing waterfalls, hundreds of feet high roar down with a thunder in sanctuaries and forest lands the largest Lion Safari of India, and the only White Tiger Safari in the world are located on the outskirts of Bhubaneshwar. The golden triangle of Bhubaneshwar, the cathedral city of India, Puri, a coastal town and beach resorts, and Konark famous for the great temple of Sun God, attracts the largest number of visitors.

Bhubaneshwar is home to over 600 architectural marvels. Puri's, a seat of Jagatguru Shankaracharya, its beautiful beaches with their splendid sunsets are a great draw with travelers. Earlier called Arakshatra, Konark is famous for the Sun Temple, also known as the Black Pagoda. Art and crafts, temples and sanctuaries, beaches and waterfalls, hot springs and alluring lakes, fascinating vegetation and wildlife make Orissa aesthetically innervating, visually fascinating, charismatically colourful and vibrant. Orissa with her hospital environs and ancient linkages, awaits Travelmasti pursuer with her open hands and much much more…………



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