Vagamon Hide Out
Eco Friendly Resort
Idukki, Kerala.
The Great Escape from the high decibel pitch of city's din, its jostling populace, polluted air, the sweat soaked streets, the groaning habitants, the frown and the scowls laced with the grime and soot on every face, struggling to get on with the high wired tension of daily chores.

Into the Lap of 'God's own country', an abode of peace and tranquility amid pristine surroundings, nestling in a sweep of verdant hills, tea plantations, scenic picturesque valleys cradled by nature's lap, where bounties of wildness abounds. It's air as pure as it can be, the numerous waterfalls in its azure colors - ringing a melodious sound into ones ear. This far-flung yet so accessible spot is known as "Vagamon Hideout" an eco-friendly Heritage of SAJ. An affordable 'treat' replete with luxuries steeped in rustic background with an Eco-friendly ambience.

This man made heritage hideout is located at Vagamon, (Idukki), barely 100 kms away from Cochin International Airport, with its lake which will offer you an exhilarating sense of enjoyment the likes of which you have never seen or enjoyed before. A complete holiday experience, amidst mother nature in its most idealic form with salubrious climes.

Here we highlight the nature's bounties that you will encounter at the heritage site.


"Vagamon hide out" a real romantic true eco-friendly SAJ Heritage resort and also a memorable tourist destination for those who loves privacy and nature. The resort is surrounded by romantic hills with un-spoilt nature, sparkling streams, lake, country boats, fishing, green tea gardens and cardamom plantations... Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Natural Foods are the additional attractions...Mud Cottage, Jungle Stone Cottage and Wild Erumadams are available for accommodation...

The high decibel pitch of city's din, its jostling populace, polluted air, the sweat soaked streets, the groaning habitants, the frown and the scowls laced with the grime and soot on every face, struggling to get on with the high wired tension of daily chores.

ISO Resort
Our eco-friendly resort has been a resort with difference, that was soon to win international attention within a short span of time. Truly, really we are the only one eco-friendly heritage resort in India so that we were entitled to receive the international recognition from ISO. It has been a moment of pride when the International Certifications Ltd certified us with the prestigious and internationally acclaimed ISO 14001, after assessing the infrastructure and facilities we provide at the resort. They were found to be conforming to the standards set by ISO 14001:1996. Thus we became the first and only one resort in India to win this accreditation.


Stone Age Dwellings
Here, it is again, you who choose where to live. Three types of uniquely constructed cottages are at your disposal.
Row of jungle stones cottages array on one side, wooden cottages (erumadams), propped on wooden poles juts out from the second side and clay cottages borders the third side, all overlooking the fresh-green hued natural pool.

Like anywhere in the hideout the use of artificial substances like plastic has been reduced to minimum at the cottages also. Curious natural materials make up your homes here. Whatever be the construction, tribes at Vagamon make it all with eco-friendly materials.

The rooms and bathrooms are fitted with modern amenities one would expect for their comfort. The furniture and fixtures are with lot of innovative planning to ensure an Eco-friendly ambience, at the same time all steps have been taken to make the stay most comfortable and relaxed.

Roofs are thatched with well pressed bunches of a typical lengthy grass. A kind of plant leaves is also sometimes used along with bamboo and wooden poles.

Tribal natives of Vagamon do this with mastered ease for they are used to such construction. Oil with the smell of ginger extracted from the above type of grass is used for cleaning the room everyday. Fresh oxygen flowing in from herbal plantation outside, smell of the oil used in cleaning the room, a kind of pleasant smell emanating from natural construction materials like wood, stones etc altogether render healthy environs for the inmates. No mosquito-menace, no sound pollution… you can take a fresh breath and go for a deep sleep on the comfy, cozy cot.

Ethnic veritable Cuisine's fit to appease the taste buds of the connoisseurs
Here you are going to savor the taste of purely ethnic cuisine, served in purely ethnic cutleries and crockery. Bowls, dishes, pots, cups and mugs made of clay, tray made of bamboo sticks, spoons made of ‘chiratta’ (coconut shell) all in bright red and brown colours are appealing to the eyes as the food is to the palate.
Pick and Choose your ingredients/Dishes-Fish, Game birds, Rabbits, Poultry and Vegetables.

No fixed menu… nothing to do with northern or western recipes… here you can pick out your choice directly from nature’s menu chest!
You just name or point out from nature what you need. Be it tapioca, or banana or asparagus, you will have it on your dinner table top in ready-to-eat form. It is also an occasion for an acquaintance with the cookery excellence of native tribes.
Food is prepared using traditional appliances like ammi (crushing stone) and attukallu (grinding stone), to give food preparations a taste of its kind and prevent modernity from sneaking into the bastions of traditional kitchen. Fuel for cooking fire is obtained from a small biogas plant annexed to the hideout. Biodegradable waste such as Cow dung, leftovers of vegetables etc are put to good use for biogas production.


Ethnic Kerala Restaurant , Ayurveda Spa, Yoga Centere, Conference Hall, Laundry Guest Relations Desk, Wake-UP Service, Resort Parking, Sight Seeing arrangement on request, Indoor Games, Fishing and Boating Inside the resort, Nature Walk / Trekking Tour and Travel Packages on request, Panchakarma & Ayurvedic Treatment.

Nature Trail - Becoming closer to nature
The sprawling Vagamon hideout lies within 25 acres of land with a palatial lake at its centre, which is a landmark. In surrounding areas, you see uneven hills and dales decked with greeneries and canopies formed by little woods.
Far behind, silhouetted against the blue sky lie barren black rock hills, inviting you to explore her.
Kick off your winding nature trail now through various elevations, through the green growth of tea, cardamom and other plantations. Man-made cobbled stones are paved along the main pathways meandering the landscape. Wooden bridges are also provided above water stretches at certain junctions to allow crossing over.
Trek the safety hills to enjoy the thrill of mountaineering. Cool wind blowing on your face will never make you drop. Fresh air of the verdant surroundings acts as an elixir that keep you energetic and wanderlust.

Sun here will never make you weary, for it never ever sheds out its scorching heat. The changing mood and tint of the mighty sun over the hilltops can be viewed through the bedroom windows of your cottages, as there is barely any thick growth over the hills that hinders your vision. Most mornings as well as nights are misty, but the situation can change all on a sudden. Morning sun rays seeping down through the fogs presents a picturesque sight… yes indeed, the world is beautiful!
Aqua Sports...

If ever you feel travel-sore you can take a dip into the lake or make a leap into the private natural pool. At a shadowy recess in the hideout earth has been carved out to make it a swimming pool that ensures adequate privacy. A little bit of frolicking with water … you can… as there is also swing made of rope hanging from a tree branch leaning towards the centre of this pool.

The walls of the pool are built with jungle rocks (cut out from hill rocks by hand), and pressed together with clay. The pasty clay, taken from nearby areas, becomes a right kind of substitute for cement. The water in the lake and pools are fresh for there is a frequent inlet of fresh water from its origin, which is the fountain-like springs found in several places at higher altitude. Medicinal plants, and plantations like pepper, cardamom etc. planted in its course only add aroma and medicinal quality to the inflowing spring water. Your breathing of the fresh and invigorating atmospheric air here comes to be the first phase of your rejuvenation therapy and your bathing in water bodies becomes the second one.

You can also enjoy a cruising on the lake in country boats or in Machans (round boats) or in Bamboo rafters. But don’t get amazed when you see the flock of geese, which you saw, just a moment before, waddling around you, wading through the water, as if to give you a company. Just call them their name, in a few minutes, they are by your side, so that you can watch them at close quarters.
Fishing time…

The spot is the best bet for anglers. They can begin angling early morning and continue it till they are really fed up. Don’t fear you are going for overkill, because there is an abounding population of fishes in different size, shape and colour in the hideout’s natural lake. It is here that guests spend hours after hours fishing either for fun or in order to fish out their choices to be included in their list of ‘food of the day’.
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