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Kumarakom Lake Resort

Kumarakom Lake Resort

Kumarakom Lake Resort Kumarakom Lake Resort


Kumarakom Lake Resort - Ever closed your eyes.And wished for wings, to take you away.To a land breathtakingly beautiful, peacefully serene and wholesomely pristine?  Well, dreams have the uncanny ability of coming true. Especially when you arrive at the Kumarakom Lake Resort. On the banks of lake Vembanad, the emerald backwaters formed by the confluence of Pampa and Meenachil Rivers rushing out to meet the sea like damsels to their lover's arms. Promising you an experience of a lifetime. A heritage resort straight out of a picture postcard.
A memorable holiday in the heart of Kerala's own lake country, Kumarakom

You have a choice of 52 double-bedded centrally air-conditioned traditional cottages doting the 10 acres of greenery. Serving 250 guests per day. Each ethnic cottage overlook silvery canals, punctuated with translucent lotuses, slicing the front yard. Or the mesmerizing Vembanad itself. Each cottage, painstakingly restored and relocated from ‘Illums' (homesteads of yore), immerse you in the splendor and grandeur of Kerala's magnificent history.

The Kumarakom Lake Resort is a delicate jewel box. You can either pick Kettuvallam (rice-boat) cruises and water sports. Ayurveda, meditation and Yoga to de-stress your body and calm your mind. Scrumptious traditional cooking. Or go ahead and enjoy all that and more.

Kumarakom Lake Resort - The Essence of Kerala
Come imbibe Kerala in its totality Stay in cute traditional aristocratic cottages. Get mesmerised when Gods take centre stage at the Ootupura. Enjoy the pristine beauty of the landscape. Savour traditional delicacies. And get rejuvenated by Ayurveda. Yes, Kumarakom Lake Resort is truly and quintessentially Kerala


The first thing I'd like to do on arriving at Kumarakom? Take a refreshing dip – of course. The chequered pool bordering the lake looks inviting and lovely. As I laze in the pool, I take in the vast expanse of the lake simmering and the warm afternoon melts away into a buoyant mellow. The wind rushes along to meet me like a long lost friend, warping its arms around me lovingly. While swaying palms, nod in agreement - as if enacting a secret prank.

Worshippers of the sun, here's the temple. The tropical sun promises to give a healthy tan. The heat doesn't burn as the wind, skimming the lake is cool and invigorating. And if really gets too hot to handle, dive in. If the pool is not challenging enough, try out the lake itself!

I pamper myself at the Jacuzzi enclosure. The best thing is that from the pool I can enjoy the greatest shows on earth. The sunrise and sunset on the backwaters, is an experience like none other. Along with the side-shows which are equally delightful – a starry night or a moonlit night. Intermittently, I saunter along to the Ettukettu for a shot or two of my favourite drink. Or a couple of beers. You could also order fresh fermented coconut sap (Toddy), heady and sweet, especially in the mornings

After a few laps, no one blames you if you're hungry enough to eat, like they say in Malayalam, a whole elephant! Good enough for me. They have a barbecue in waiting ready to dole out succulent seafood in traditional Kerala style. And the choicest Mutton Kebabs, Mughlai style. Yum Yum.

Place to Visit and watch

There are many wonderful things you can do at Kumarakom. Wake up early in the morning for the grandest show on earth. The sunrise. In the mornings, the lake is calm, misty and sensuous. And the sun breaks with a smile and stretches its arm across the river to wish you good morning. Take out a ride in one of our boats and watch waterfowls come to life.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

A trip to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary what you shouldn't miss.  The best time for this is between November and March, when a range of migratory birds from Siberia make it their winter home. Some of the species include the Snake bird, Little Cormorant, Crow Pheasant, White-branded water Hen and Tree pie. Occasionally you can catch the native kingfishers setting the waters ablaze in a psychedelic flash of colours. The night herons, the Golden-backed woodpeckers are added delights.At the fourteen-acre bird sanctuary one can glimpse many a rare bird – some of which, sadly, may not be around forever

Water Carnivals

Vallamkali, the famous Snake Boat Race are spectacles enacted on the onset of the Onam season. The backwaters of Alleppey come alive with the rivers becoming flush after the rainy season. It becomes the venue to Kerala's major attraction – the Nehru Throphy Snake Boat Race which take place in August – September every year. Magnificently decorated long boats – with raised sterns which resemble the raised hood of cobras (hence the term, snake boat) rush through the waters in a flash of oars and a roar. Oars swinging to a fast-paced rhythm. And the snake boats shoot across the emerald stretches. Enthusiastically powered by over 150 singing and drum beating oarsmen. The spring season is at its charming best. A spellbinding display of strength and beauty. The backwaters will be teeming with exhilarated spectators cheering (some of whom come from the farthest corners of the world). Other major events are the Payipad, Pulinkunnu and Aranmula races.

Ayur Veda

Your stay at the Kumarakom Lake Resort is sure to revitalise your life. Not only will you be more relaxed, you can find yourself more confident, more youthful. With the wonders of Ayurveda, you can discover yourself. The Vedic science activates the human body, body and the mind in unity. There is something about Kerala that certainly revitalises you. There is a certain green energy – the landscapes are cool to the eyes. The sky is blue intermittently filled with fluffy clouds. The blessed rains and the calm lakes, wash away your tensions. The air is clean and scented with a million flowers. And then there is the soothing ancient remedy of Ayurveda, combined with Yoga and Meditation. The oil massages are rejuvenates you. The aptly selected herbal diets replenish you. And meditation recharges you. Yoga regimens make your body supple and strong. Its time to discover what more life has to give you. Apart from the usual material successes. Come discover life anew in Kerala. At Kumarakom. This is the time. This is the place. Come get nourished in body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda, the knowledge of life (Ayu means life, Veda means knowledge or science) traces its antiquity of over 5000 years. It is a holistic system of medicine that has imbibed the essence and fragrance of Mother Nature. A tradition of health care that cannot still be explained by the strict logic and theories of modern medicine. And yet cures many diseases incurable to modern medicine!

Dharma Ayurvedic Haven manages the Ayurvedic Centre at the Kumarakom Lake Resort. The centre has qualified doctors and trained personnel

DHARMA AYURVEDIC HAVEN was established in 1965 by a family of renowned traditional physicians practising the Dravidian style of Ayurveda for centuries through generations. Today, Dharma is trusted as an exclusive centre where genuine age-old traditions and treatments are still practised by highly qualified and reputed physicians. Dharma has frequently been in the news for creating remarkable results in succession by curing patients from illnesses unresponsive to modem medicines and treatments.


They are straight out of a fairy tale. Cute cottages blending old-world charm with befitting modern amenities. The intricately carved wooden walls and the roof within the cottage are of hand polished wooden panels. 

Each cottage has a private courtyard and a sunken bath set in a small open-air garden. Just imagine bathing under a moonlit sky or in the rain! And that too in complete privacy. The traditional windows have sills where you can comfortably sit and gaze out across the lotus canals slicing the front yard. Standard Heritage Villas offers scintillating view of the lotus canal.

Monsoon package 2012

Valid From15 Jun to 30th September 2012

3 Nights Packages
Honeymoon Package
Presidential Suite with Private Pool: Rs.105,000/- Per Couple
Heritage Lake View Villa with private pool: Rs.62000/- Per Couple
Heritage Villa with private pool: Rs.60000/- Per Couple
Meandering Pool Villa: Rs.48000/- Per Couple
Luxury Pavilion Room: Rs.45000/- Per Couple

Includes : Transfers from and to Muhamma boat jetty or Kottayam Railway station., Traditional welcome drink on arrival., Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at our multi-cuisine restaurant, Traditional tea/ coffee snacks every evening at our “Thattukada”., Cultural Program every evening, One hour sunset cruise every evening. Health club & indoor games on the house Complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and basket of exotic fruits Options of having breakfast in bed 01 candlelit at a romantic location within the resort or in the privacy of your room. One rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage per person during the stay of 3 nights Yoga and meditation classes. The rate for the Presidential suite includes arrival and departure transfers from Cochin International airport. Minimum duration of stay is 3 nights. Extra Nights on prorate basis. Taxes included are 12.5% luxury tax, 5.15% service tax and 12.5% VAT…..any other taxes as & when levied by the government will be extra as applicable .

Rejuvenation Package
Valid From15 Jun to 30th September 2012

3 Nights Packages

Presidential Suite with Private Pool: Rs 119999/-
Heritage Villa with private pool: Rs 69999/-
Meandering Pool Villa: Rs 55999/-
Luxury Pavilion Room: Rs 49999/-

Includes : Transfers from and to Cochin International Airport, Muhamma boat jetty or Kottayam Railway station. Traditional welcome drink on arrival. , Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at ‘Ettukettu’ our multi-cuisine restaurant , Traditional tea/ coffee snacks every evening at our “Thattukada”. Six Ayurvedic Treatments per person during the course of 3 days, 2 treatments per person per day. Cultural Program every evening, One hour sunset cruise every evening. Complimentary usage of Health club & indoor games on the house, Yoga and meditation classes. Minimum duration of stay is 3 nights. Extra Nights on prorate basis. Taxes included are 12.5% luxury tax, 5.15% service tax and 12.5% VAT…..any other taxes as & when levied by the government will be extra as applicable.

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