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Golden Waters
Kumarakom- Kerala.

India, the land of ancient civilisations, is famous the world over for its northern wonders.The South, howerver, is equally if not more attractive, especially the South Indian state of Kerala (God's own country), Kumarakom is currently one of the top ten international tourist destinations. And here is Golden Waters, a luxurious waterfront resort and ayurvedic centre Kerala is well known for its scenic diversity. The land of coconuts and coir, spices and sandalwood has attracted attention for centuries. Bringing traders, explorers and colonists from distant shores. And in recent times an influx of holidaysmakers too.

Through all this, Kumarrakom, Kerala's heartland of lagoons, palms and paddy fields has retained its virgin flavor and consequently is a hot favourite with city dwellers, yearning for a return to Nature. In a landscape unique to Kerala, hundreds of interlinked canals weave their way between paddy fields spilling into plam-fringed lakes. The water abounds with special varieties of fish like pearlpot or 'karimeen' and shellfish such as crabs, prawns, clams and mussels. The native folk are fishermen and farmers, earning their living from the bounty of Nature. The canals provide the most important means of transport and communications. And a common sight is that of low-slung country craft, poled along by bare-chested men and often by women, clad in cool while cotton. The boats are used to carry passengers as well as goods, like paddy, coconuts, coir and spices.

Kumarakom lies in the hinterland between Kochi and Kottayam. The nearest airport is at Kochi and there are railway stations at both Kochi and Kottayum. Once in Kerala and off the plane or train, the visitor is transported to a different world. No pollution, no pressure. And the magic is retained as one approaches and enters Golden Waters, Whether by boat or by road.

Golden waters

The perfect location gives the Golden Waters a special ambience. An intricate lacework of canals intersects the 17-acre waterfront property, flowing beneath swaying coconut palms, fruit and spice groves. The land belonged originally to an English man named George Baker who reclaimed it from the backwaters and planted it with coconut trees. He sold it to a prominent Kottayum family from whom it was acquired by Alex Resorts & Hotels and developed into Golden Waters. However, the original character of the property has been retained and canals that are seen today are the same that once served barges laden with Mr. Baker's coconuts and other commodities.
Golden Waters boasts of 28 delightful cottages, constructed on the banks of the canals. Some of the cottages are actually on silts in the water. And all are accessible both by boat, as well as by land, over cobbled pathways and rustic bridges. The heritage style architecture is reminiscent of the traditional Kerala Tharavad or ancestral house. While the sir-conditioned interiors are quaint and cosy, with all modern amenities for a luxurious stay and a few extras such as the fact that you can fish out of your cottage window

The elegant Reception area and restaurants also reflect the locale. Nalukettu is the multi-cuisine eatery, while at the Meenkulam- 'The hook and cook', you can get the fish of your choice from the pond and savour it freshly cooked in succulent spices along with other Kerala delicacies. Near the swimming pool is Madhusala, the elegant louge, serving beer and wines The panoramic swimming pool includes a cascade and is only the beginning of the recreational activities at Golden Waters. Boating, canal and lake cruises, fishing, trekking and birdwatching at the famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, inhabited by avians of all description, some arriving from as far away as Siberia winter. All manner of indoor games has been laid on for the visitor. There are also trips to coir factories, nearby villages and the famous R-Block

R-Block is a 3000 acre stretch of land, once owned by the Murickan family who were the kings of the backwaters. The unique fact is that the land is actually lower than the water and, as in Holland, dykes were constructed to prevent water from flowing in. Another interesting spot is Thanermukkam, the site of one of the oldest dams, built by the British to stop water from entering Vembanad Lake. Even today, the ancient locks are opened to allow boats to pass through. And every year, at particular time, sea water is let and the lake turns saline.
Back at Golden Waters, regular cultural programs are specially organised to add a touch a local colour. Acient dance froms like Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Barathnatyam and Kalaripayattu are demonstrated by accomplished artistes. Kathalali is the hallmark dance of Kerala, in which the entire message is conveyed through nuances of expression and dancers' faces are made up to resemble masks. Kalaripayattu is the name given to the Kerala form of martial art, practiced by the warriors of old. Barathnatyam and Mohiniattam represent the traditional Indian school of dance. Troupes of musicians provide insight into the very different and haunting Indian classical lyric and melody. And once all possibilities have been exhausted, you can still the resort's handicraft shop, Kada, for souvenirs, or simply while away the hours in a hammock slung under palm and sky. For those in search of rejuvenation, Golden Waters is the ideal perspiration. Vaidyasala, the resort's ayurvedic center is fully geared to aid travelers in distress


The ultimate waterbed experience is an overnight cruise on a traditional Kerala rice boat. Golden Waters offers an exotic stay on these enormous floating barges which were once used as transport along the back-waters . The charming cocoon-shaped silhoette has been retained and the interior converted into an elegant suite, complete with bedroom, living and dining area, toilet and kitchenette. The boats ate manned by experienced crew, well versed in local lore and ready to dish up delectable fare as the boat navigates the still waters. A houseboat is truly an exclusive taste of Kerala hospitality

Surrounded by its all-natural decor, the houseboat provides the ideal observation platform. Not just for underwater life, flora and fauna, but also for the charming rural lifestyle slipping by in slow motion. Lulled by the waves into a state of delightful euphoria, you can return to daily routine, refreshed and rejuvenated


Thousands flock to India all over the world in search of ayurvedic healing. At Golden Waters, it is ayurvedic with a difference. Kalari treatment, like ayurvedic, has its roots in an age-old tradition, but only a few exponents remain today. Golden Waters is proud to offer you a rare privilege of kalari treatment at the hands of experts. In an exlcusive arrangement with the foremost Kalari institute in Kerala.
More than three millennia ago, the knowledge attained by the sages and yogis of acient led to enlightenment about the 107 vital points on the human body. Using these insights, they developed a unique system of healing, combining herbal oil massages or uzhichil with marma chikitsa or the application of ressure on specific nerver points In Kalari, treatment, the technique of pressure is employed to sure and rejuvenate. And can give instant relief in a wide range of ailments. In addition, the uzhichil or massages aid in promoting with special oils, using both hand and feet, sometimes with suspended ropes for support Some of the disorders where Kalari treatment has proven a effective are wounds and fractures, rheumatism, paralysis, spinal and muscular problems, sexual disorders, blood pressure, stomach ailments, asthma, headaches, nervous complaints, irritability, anxiety, insecurity, agitation, etc., depression, insomnia, psychosis, obesity and problems associated with with-drawal from alcohol and drugs.

The Seven salient features of Kalari massage are :

  • Balancing of the chakras or circular energy centers that are located on the human body

  • Balancing of the saptadhathu, or seven tissues namely blood, plasma, muscle, fat, bone marrow, and semen.

  • Stimulation of nadisuthra points ovr ayurvedic acupressure

  • Stimulation of foot points opr foot reflexlogy

  • Awakening of prana or life energy

  • Awakening of of the five senses

For the most effective treatment o course of 7,9,11 or 14 days should be adhered to. Howerver, this can be adapted to suit individual preferences. At the physical level, Kalari massage rejuvenates the sense and vital organs, improves circulation, increases muscular flexibility, enhances vitality, tones up and heals every aspect of the body. On the mantal plane, the treatment instills new energy, increases awarness, relases emotional stress and provide total relaxation.

    Kalrai treatment makes use of only natural herbs in freshly prepared oils. As in the rest of the ayurvedic system, both physucal and mental planes are accorded equal importance. And patients reap the benefits of this pure form hiolistic healing with none of the harmful side-effects of alopathic medicine.

    You can also delve into the mysteries of Kalaripayattu, panchakarma, marma chiikitsa ands yoga with guidance from experienced gurus or teachers. A great research opportunity! And with your good health restored, it's times for an unforgettable and exclusive journey - on an authentic Kerala houseboat.


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