Amruthamgamaya Ayurvedic Resort
Trivandrum, Kerala.
At Amruthamgamaya we are proud to offer the best quality Ayurvedic treatments, along with traditional Yoga and Yoga philosophy. We also provide accommodation with an on-site Ayurvedic vegetarian restaurant. Our guest-house combines Kerala's ancient beauty, with modern bedrooms and en suite bathrooms. The whole building has been carefully designed and crafted according to the principles of Vaastu, in order to ensure the maximum well being of our guests.

Cooking lessons are also available, where you can learn how to prepare some of Kerala's traditional delicious dishes. Guests are welcome to walk in the serene surroundings of coconut groves and banana tree plantations and visit the nearby lake. We invite guests to adopt a dress code which ensures modesty when mingling in local areas.

We welcome you to come and enjoy : Consultation and diagnosis with Ayurvedic Doctor, Ayurvedic Treatment using top quality oils and medicines, Ayurvedic diet, Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and guided meditation, Accomodation in pristine Keralan coconut grove village, Cookery classes, Local excursion and help with arrangements for ongoing tours, Cultural entertainment incl. Kathakali Dance and Kalaripayat Performance.


At Amruthamgamaya we believe it is important to alleviate stress for those suffering from any kind of mental, physical or emotional tension. Nature and environment play a significant role in promoting good health and inner calm, and we are delighted to provide the ideal location for Ayurvedic treatment. We are located in the heart of a small farming village called Panangodu. The village is 3km inland from Kovalam beach and 2Km from Vellayani freshwater lake. A half an hour taxi ride will take you to Trivandrum City and International Airport.


Large rooms with king-sized beds and attractive hardwood furnishings. Twin-bed option available. Ensuite bathrooms. Large luxury swimming pool with border of hibiscus flower and coconut trees. Friendly, experienced staff. Wireless internet available throughout building and grounds. Quiet setting free of noise and air pollution. Beautiful grounds with traditional Kerala seating areas Lush vegetation and garden, including mango, jackfruit, banana and guava trees. Abundant birdlife: kingfishers, woodpeckers, etc. Spacious comfortable public rooms. Rooftop terrace amid canopy of coconut palms.


At the heart of ayurveda is the notion of balance. This is important on a grand scale ; harmony between the laws of nature and the actions of human beings, Balance is also crucial on a micro scale;within the molecules of human body itself . Harmonny within the body is encouraged using the 96 basic principles based on 'Thridosha Sidantha'(Vatha , Pitha, Kapha Theory) In brief this theory divides the molecules of the body into 5 elements which are than categorized into combination of those elements referred to as Vatha,Pitha and Kapha. There are 7 combination of these elements, known as doshas. In order to have a healthy body and mind Vatha , pita and kapha must be in balance.

Ayurveda treatment involves a diagnosis of dosha type and then undergoing the relevent treatment programme for that dosha type,in order to establish equilibrium.

The word Yoga means Union - the Union of the Jeev Atma (Individual Soul) with Param Atma (Universal Soul). There are different types of Yoga:

Bhakti yoga– Devotional Yoga involving Bhajans and Puja (channeling emotions)
Jnana yoga– Vedanta Theory and Intellectual Introspection eg. Who Am I? (channeling Mental power)
Karma yoga– Selfless Service through action, without attachment (channeling Physical energy)
Raja yoga(King) – Systematic use of all 3 aspects; emotions, mental power and physical power to achieve Union. Includes Hatha Yoga which in itself has many traditions eg. Sivananda, Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar etc In the West, the word Yoga is commonly used to mean Hatha Yoga alone

The basic System involved in Raja Yoga is to first attain control of the body via Yoga postures or Asanas, then to achieve control of our Prana or vital force with scientific breathing techniques etc, after which control of the mind can be accomplished and thus meditation and MOKSHA

Here at Amruthamgamaya we are interested in all Yogas and we run classes on Yoga Philosophy as well as practicing Hatha Yoga every morning. We enjoy keeping our classes relatively small, to ensure we maintain the necessary attention for each pupil.

Tariff 2011 - 2012

1 Week Treatment + Daily Yoga = £250 or Rs.17,500/-
2 Week Treatment + Daily Yoga = £470 or Rs.32,500/-
3 Week Treatment + Daily Yoga = £685 or Rs.47,500/-

Per Night Single = £58 or Rs.4,000/-

Per Night Double = £99 or Rs.7,000/-

Per Week Single = £400 or Rs.28,000/-
Per Week Double = £690 or Rs.49,000/-

*Breakfast Inclusive
Place orders early to avoid disapointment. At Amruthamgamaya we operate on a first come first served basis
The Cost of Treatment may vary depending on which particular treatment package the individual requires

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