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Surya Samudra Beach Garden 

Hotel and Ayurveda Spa (Heritage Hotel)

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) Kerala

Surya Samudra Beach Garden - (hotel and ayurveda spa heritage hotel)

Surya Samudra Beach Garden - (hotel and ayurveda spa heritage hotel)

Surya Samudra Beach Garden - (hotel and ayurveda spa heritage hotel)

Surya Samudra is situated at one of the finest beaches of India, amidst coconut plantations in the state of Kerala, near the capital Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum). A beautiful quiet place, where you combine your recreation and relaxation with the advantage of a fascinating country The hotel is a place of culture: Old wood and stone carvings, traditional architecture, live classical Indian music, classical dance performances and art shows Short distance to the Airport and to the city of Trivandrum 

Sun and Sea Surya is the Sun God Samudra the god of the sea. Pleasant air and water temperatures surya and samudra take care of a pleasant climate at surya samudra almost through the year, its is never too cold and rarely too hot. Usually there is a cool breeze from the sea. Climatically, the best season for the coastal areas of Southern Kerala is from the August to April generally for Kerala from November to march even the rainy season (south west monsoon, June - July) may be an experience and a pleasure, ayurvedic massages and treatments are most effective during rains 
Clean Air and water

There is no Industry in the area which could spoil the environment and the city of Trivandrum is sufficiently far away Sandy Beaches the two beaches are used by their guests and by the fishermen, they are kept clean by our beach boy, Plenty of Nature- The hotel area is a spacious park with lush topical vegetation


The kitchen uses fresh fruits from the garden coconuts, bananas, papayas, mangos. pineapples, cashew nuts, fresh vegetables from the garden and market, fresh fish and other sea from from the local fishermen, the only from taken from the deep freeze is ice-cream (home made) Surya samudra has two private wells with good water quality.  

Restaurant- Octopus- the food is excellent, Indian and European preparations always freshly cooked bread and cake are baked daily, the cook will take care of your special wishes. speciallities fresh seafood of all types from the clean sea, some fruits and vegetables come from their own garden


First Class Bungalow Hotel, Beautiful Surroundings Scenery and Garden Delicious Indian and European Cuisine, a pleasure for Gourmets Hand carved Traditional Wooden Houses with Bath gardens Open to the Sky  Ayurvedic Health Treatments, Massages

Dance Dance fire dance

Golf their guests can use the beautiful 9 hole golf course with charmig old club building at trivandrum

Recreation and adventure Surya samudra is the ideal place if you want to leisurely combine recreation and relaxation with the adventures of a fascination country, Sury samudra practices soft tourism hrer the tourist contributes to promote the people and the place instead of harming them, all bulidings have been erected with local material by local craftsmen, each house has its biological waste biological waste disposal, no waste goes into the sea, water is heated by the sun  


The natural rock pool is filled with fresh water, circulated and filtered continually

Sun set

Enjoy the sunsets every evening again, each time different, sometimes breathtaking from your own terrace or from the surya mandapam, enhanced by the famous sury samudra special Sundowner



(Excluding Dec. 22-Jan.

X'mas & New Year





November - March

Dec.22 - Jan. 06,

*Dec. 31,

Aug, Sept & Oct

May, June & July

Garden Bungalows

Cinnamon Garden
Bamboo Garden
Banyan Tree Garden






Sea front Rooms The Octagon          
Sea front Rooms

Mosque View,
Cape View,
Ibis, Myna, pandanus






A/C Garden Rooms

Rock Garden
No.I to IV






Small Beach Cottage

Beach Cottage North
South & East






Garden View Cottages

Papaya, Palm & Prince







How to reach Surya Samudra Resort
How to reach by air: to Trivandrum (Air Lanca, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways) or via Bombay (Mumbai), Madras (Chennai), Bangalore or Delhi. By train or road from anywhere in India

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