Tapowan Resort
Dharampur, Kasauli Hills, Himachal Pradesh.
Tapowan is located in Dharampur, in the scenic hill-state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Just 15 km from Kasauli on the National highway No.22, Dharampur is situated amidst the healthy air of the fragrant pines. Nestled amid the salubrious and pristine environment of the Kasauli and Barog ranges, it presents a charming picture of nature's splendor at work - the healthy air of the fragrant pines and the scenic bliss of the surrounding landscape venerates one's soul and spirit.

Dharampur is 45 km north of Chandigarh. The town is also connected by Kalka Shimla railway line which acts as a link for travelling to Kasauli and Sanawar.

Most resorts focus on providing only holidays. The Tapowan experience, on the other hand, goes beyond mere physical rest and relaxation. We see humans as integral beings and seek to touch you at all levels - physical, emotional, spiritual. Harmony between the varied dimensions of human existence is essential to attain true happiness and bliss.
Away from the pressures of everyday life, you can delve deep into your core self and explore your inner world of thoughts and emotions. As you surrender to Nature, the interplay of the five senses - sight, sound, smell, taste and touch become the tools by which we can overcome numbness and regain sensitivity to our inner reality, which we shut out while coping with the struggles of our individual lives.

The result is 'Release' - that state of mind which is free from burden, where one can think objectively and conceive meaningful action. Empowered with self-knowledge and with perspective oriented to our inner nature, our perceptions become positive and limitations simply disintegrate. Life attains a new flow that is both wholesome and energising.

Tapowan is an energised zone where you can recharge yourself. Here you'll find the perfect ambience to re-discover yourself. Even the garden is designed for therapeutic experience. There is hardly any restriction to hold you back. There isn't even a Guru to teach you anything. The whole idea is to overcome external controls and become your own master.

Our well furnished cottages are a delight to live in. The delicious food we serve is a treat for your taste buds. Plus the adventure and the exciting experiences... like the Ayurveda Massage and Karma Quotient Solution. Pet Therapy. Garden Therapy. All in an ambience that infuses peace and positivity - quaint pathways, well manicured lawns, abundant greenary and a landscape evoking artistic sensibility.

Tapowan is indeed a complete holiday destination with all the features and facilities to make your stay a happy, enjoyable and invigorating one.
Tapowon features 12 exclusive cottages giving you luxurious accommodation with total privacy. These are two-room units designed for family stay. Each cottage is well furnished with modern amenities and facilities like telephone/intercom, attached bathrooms, non-stop power and water supply.

Tapowan offers a rare combination of a relaxing hideaway with the comforts of a truly world-class resort. Nestled in a pristine, natural setting, it is a perfect destination for families, honeymooners, and special occasion guests who yearn for tranquility and privacy in a stunning natural surrounding.

Guests can get away from life's demands in any of our 12 exclusive cottages, offering perfect relaxation with impeccable service and amenities.

Accommodation at Tapowan has been designed by keeping our visitors in mind and to give you a perfect impression of what a perfect holiday is all about. But what sets us apart from the rest is the peaceful atmosphere set in lush natural surroundings to give you the most relaxing holiday you've ever had.
Whisper is a restaurant with bar. The homely ambience of the resturant is perfectly complemented with faultless service. On offer is a wide variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies spanning various cuisines like North Indian, Moghlai, Tandoori and Chinese - all prepared by our Expert chefs.
From casual, all-day eateries to formal, fine dining, guests can look forward to a wide selection of delectable dishes and refreshing drinks.

Situated on the roof top is Upstairs Maid, a unique facility that combines a coffee lounge, restaurant and conference hall. This is the place for you to relax, while enjoying a commanding view of the surroundings.

In tune with the times, we have developed this venue into a perfect spot for interaction.
For those who wish to imbibe holistic concept into professional life, the Upstairs Maid also doubles up as a conference hall with full-fledged facilities like white board, LCD projecter, public address system, fax and Internet connectivity.

All of which make this an excellent place for you to host board meetings, seminars and workshops, brainstorming sessions, training camps etc. This along with our recreational facilities allows you to mix business with pleasure - a rare opportunity to enhance your business profile.

At Tapowan, we offer a distinctive dining experience, one that explores the nuances of the finest Indian and international cuisines, serving traditional and contemporary favorites. Our trained and experienced chefs are accommodative enough to serve you a great mix of flavorful cuisines at our inviting restaurant.
'Tapowan' concept is build around the idea of restoring your mind-body balance. Being situated in the bounty of Mother Nature, this is the place for you to tone up your body and recharging your batteries through authentic therapies. Occupying pride of place on our campus is Dyan, the Meditation Centre, where you can get in touch with your inner self.

The Karmic healing process helps one to understand the spiritual lessons behind the challenges of life. One will be able to see a bigger picture and will receive insights on the difficult set of circumstances and to be empowered to meet them with strength.

This also includes facility for Ayurvedic massage, which is provided by trained masseurs. Complementing the holistic experience is Karmic Quotient solution, a system of living that enables you to change your Karma and re-orient your thoughts, attitude and emotions for a new future.
How to Reach
Tapowan is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is just six-hour drive from New Delhi. The nearest major city is Chandigarh, which lies at a distance of 42 Kms from Tapowan. Following information on the important modes of transport will help you plan your trip:

Nearest Airport - Chandigarh
Nearest Railway Terminal - Dharampur
Road Transport - Himachal Tourism, Haryana
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Tariff 2014
Tax Extra 17.42%
Tele : +91-11-41612107, 26823836. Mobile: 9810002772, 9910002772.