Parvati Kuteer
Kasol, Himachal Pradesh.
If you want to spend your holidays away from maddening crowd and in the lap of Mother Nature, Parvati Kuteer is the right place. Parvati kuteer is the oldest log hut cottage resort in Parvati valley.The Kuteer is right at the bank of the river Parvati, overlooking the charming villages on the hills across.

"the most outstanding experiences..."
About two kilometers off Kasol, the Kuteer is away from the hustle-bustle of the tourist town. The cottages are placed amidst dense deodar trees and are perfect for a quiet family holiday. As it gets dark the sky over the resort fills up with dazzling stars and you can just sit by the campfire listening to the music of the night. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, Knawar wildlife sanctuary is in close proximity. Forest around the resort could be full of delightful surprises. Trekkers can join our Himalayan Club and explore the mountains and passes around the valley. Our trekking expeditions are designed within the comfort zone of the trekkers.
We have 2 river facing cottages with an area of 20x20feet. It includes a comfortable bedroom,a spacious bathroom with modern amenities and a private veranda.

Family Home
This is a wooden building with a large and beautiful garden. It provides 3 spacious bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and a large veranda. These rooms can be used as individual rooms or can provide option for a family or small group to hire the entire portion as a private space to be enjoyed together.

Kitchen In The Garden
If you are a group, hiring all the rooms and want self cooking, we can also provide you a beautiful kitchen located in the garden.

We also provide attractive packages according to your requirements.if you have a group query please mail us your requirements and we would immediately revert back with the proposed itinerary and cost for the same.
Walk along Parvati
Walking along Parvati in the morning is an unforgettable experience. The fog plays hide and seek, the cool breeze refreshes your soul and the incessant music of its fast flowing water simply puts you in a spell.

Jungle Safari
Parvati kuteer is very close to Kanawar Wildlife Sanctuary.Be our guest to enjoy an exciting safari through thick forests to witness an amazing variety of Himalayan flora and fauna in the wild.


This is the one of the most adorable waterfall you will ever see. There is a bubbling pool that forms under it. Though the water is ice cold you will find it hard to resist a dip in the pool.

Explore nearby villages
This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an ancient culture and meet villagers keen to welcome you into their homes - and their way of life. The village landscape is dotted with small orchards of apple, plum, peaches, pears, apricot and almonds.

Mesmerising Camp Fire
Nothing can beat the way to end a day with a campfire. Good company, chilled beer
night sounds of Parvati river, turns the cold nights of Kasol, to warm blanket. We provide campfires within the resort lawn just a few steps down from your cottages.
Manikaran Pilgrimage
This pilgrimage features in mythological Shiva stories. There is an ancient Shiva temple and a sprawling Gurudwara right next to each other. Each has a pool fed by a hot spring. Taking a dip in the steaming pools is said be of many spiritual and medicinal benefits. There is also a very old Rama temple. Though it has grown into a big temple the ancient architecture remains. It is also famous for its hot springs.

Trekking Destinations
Parvati valley is really a trekker’s paradise. As most of the trekking routes lie within the sanctuary the wilderness still preserves its pristine beauty. There are a number of treks to choose from ranging from moderate to hard.

If you want to take it easy, you can explore the picture-postcard villages of Kalga, Pulga, Tosh and Malana .

Soak yourself in the soothingly warm sulfur pool at the sublime surroundings of Kheer Ganga .
You can trek up to the Mantalai Lake (source of Parvati) and if you are a diehard trekker cross the Pin-Parvati pass and continue down to Kaza in Spiti Valley .

There is this pleasantly moderate trek to Sar Pass and the valleys beyond.
There are a number of other trekking options to choose from. You can also get in touch with us for information, guides or logistics support for trekking anywhere in Himachal Pradesh.
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Cottage Hut
Family Home
Indivisual Room
Kitchen In The Garden
If you are a group, hiring all the rooms and want self cooking, we can also provide you a beautiful kitchen located in the garden.
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