Park Woods
Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh.

Park Woods, Shoghi at a height of 5700 feet and set on a ridge, spread over 20 acres of unspoilt wilderness is nestled amidst the wooded suburbs of Shimla (Himachal Pradesh, India).

The accommodation, public and recreational areas are set in 5 acres. 18 kms before Shimla and 2.7 kms off the national highway, a picturesque forest drive takes one to Park Woods. From Delhi its an easy 6.5 hours drive.

The locale is surrounded by untouched countryside with panoramic views, numerous village treks, jungle walks in pine, oak and rhododendron forests. The undergrowth houses some rare species of herbs and exotic birds and also wild rabbits, barking deer and peacocks.
A perfect juxtaposition of comfort, safety and serenity.

Parkwoods, Shogi is an ideal non-hotel resort for a fun-filled vacation for children, for family holidays to unwind, romantic honeymoons or invigorating corporate bonding and brainstorms in a quaint rustic ambience in the midst of untouched nature.
Situated on a ridge, surrounded by trees and an unending expanse of open space this rustic "resort" has panoramic views.


Accommodation is a mix of bamboo huts, swiss cottage tents and machan huts built on stilt platforms. All units have proper electricity with heating, comfortable full size beds with linen and quilts, private sitouts, attached bathrooms with western style flush toilets and running hot and cold water.
Electricity and a back up generator add to the comfort.

Wholesome food and barbecues pamper ones palate. Bonfires under a star spangled sky with moonlight spreading radiance thru' pines add to the inimitable ambience.

Bamboo Hut
With a verandah and sitout

Swiss Cottage Tent
Surrounded by verdant pines

Interiors of Bamboo Huts
Sleeping Area of the Bamboo Hut
A 12'x12' area houses a full sized double bed with proper bedding and comforters, table lamps and clothes hangers. Heaters keep one warm in the winters.

Sitting Area of the Bamboo Hut
Each hut also has enough space for a sitting area with two chairs and a small table. The huge glass windows look out to spectacular forest and mountain views.

Attached Bathroom in the Hut
Attached bathrooms (6'x12') have tiled floors, wash basin, western style flush toilets and a separate bathing area with running hot / cold water and shower stall. Interiors of Swiss Cottage Tents

Swiss Tent with a forest backdrop Each cottage tent is independent with a private sitout. Roll up mesh windows offer an unabated view. Double walled insulated canvas walls and roof ensure complete protection from wind and rain. A zip-up 'door' adds to the romance ! Absolutely comfortable and safe !!


Interior of the Swiss Tent
Furnished similar to the bamboo hut, the 12'x12' area has a full sized double bed with mattresses and quilts or blankets as required. Bed lamps, clothes hangers, chairs and table in the sitting area make up the essentials. Heaters are provided for additional warmth.

Attached Bathroom in the Swiss Tent
The 6'x12' area has running hot and cold water, a wash basin, western style flush toilet and a separate bathing area with a shower stall. Roll up mesh windows let in light.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing adventure, a quiet solace seeking sojourn, an ideal place to unwind or a relaxed family holiday with children, our rustic retreat at Park Woods, Shoghi (18 kms from Shimla, in the middle of a pine forest) provides an unforgettable experience !

Innumerable retreat facilities and activities make the stay comfortable and interesting. The obstacle course and treks intersperse the sojourn with adventure. At the estate's rambling 20 acres, the flora, fauna and nature in its most pristine makes one so thankful for the few days stolen at this retreat. Blue long-tailed magpies, picking raspberry from the wild bushes, the mating call of the barking deer, oak trees (and the acorns) and spectacular mountain views with stupendous sunsets; each moment is a timeless blessing !

Retreat Activities
Dance and music. Variety of indoor games - carrom, chess and other, board games.Outdoor games (Informal) - Darts, target pistol shooting,basketball, volleyball, badminton, cricket. Bird watching. Star gazing.Nature walk amongst the Himalayan flora & fauna. Picnic to nearby meadows with packed lunch.Ideal place to practice yoga and meditation. Massages by the Village Masseur on request.Tent Pitching.Fun obstacle course - Tarzan swing, balance beam, burma bridge, spider web, valley crossing, commando rope walk,cat walk, monkey crawl, flying fox.Rock Climbing & Rappelling for groups. Guided Jungle Treks.Overnight Survival Camping.
Retreat Facilities

Green lawns and gardens with mountain flowers. Hammocks, swings, benches, sun umbrellas and parachute canopies. Library. Double decked machaan style multicuisine, restaurant, open air cafe`, bonfire and barbecues. Bamboo huts and swiss cottage tents with 12'x12', bedroom + sitting area and 12'x6' bathrooms. Attached bathrooms with western style flush toilets, & separate bathing area, 24 hours running hot and cold water. Regular 24 hours electricity and back up generator. Parking. First aid, doctor on call. Cabs on call for sightseeing, excursions and drop, to Railway Station. Common telephone, cellphones work (unfortunately!). Shoghi town with a general provisions market is just 5 kms away.

Dining & Restaurant

At Parkwoods, the lip-smacking preparations pamper the palate while the ambience contributes to invigorated appetites. Not to forget the loads of Vitamin D one gets while having breakfast at the Machan, a picnic lunch at the nearby meadow or the afternoon tea in the open air cafe. Inspite of the exercise at the obstacle course or during the jungle walks and treks one still finds an increase in the folds and the bulges by the time one leaves!

Double decked machan style multicuisine restaurant with great views of the valley. Parkwoods serves delicious Indian, Mughlai and Chinese meals. Also dhaba dishes on demand!

Multi cuisine restaurant for formal sit-down meals. Well lit by natural light. The large windows look out to the verdant valleys and forested hills around.

The machan above the dining room is a favourite and a must have experience. Shaded by pine branches and deep forest views it is immensely relaxing for a languorous meal and rambling thoughts.
Multi cuisine restaurant for formal sit-down meals. Well lit by natural light. The large windows look out to the verdant valleys and forested hills around. Nothing to beat evening tea and the mesmerizing sunsets at Parkwoods !
Parkwoods unshackles both the body and spirit. If you want the outdoors and more of the outdoors and only the outdoors, even while dining (synonyms: hogging, gobbling, stuffing!) forget your calorie counts while having your meals at the Open Air Cafe.
Under the star spangled sky, the moonlight streaming thru' the pines, the nip in the air making the crackling fire so enjoyable. Spinning long tales, humming old favourites and oblivious of the morrow.The adventurous donot lose the opportunity of trekking to nearby meadows with packed lunches.
Or, if Prahlad is feeling active enough to unwind his lanky frame and accompany you with a couple of his johnnies, he will teach you to build a campfire and cook over it. He will also insist that you enjoy the kachha-pakka as nomads did. Later, at dinner, will make you appreciate the Retreat food better ! The place to be is at this clearing with its thatched canopy, swing and benches
(or just the lolling area!). The floating mist, flight across of the long tailed blue magpie, the sun rising over the horizon and the mesmerizing view of the snow clad Himalayan Ranges on a clear morning makes you enjoy the flavour of tea in the mountains as never before.
Park Woods is a great destination for group outings whether corporate, family, leisure or creative. The rustic, sylvan surroundings, Himalayan ambience, organized team building activities and extensive infrastructure makes it an ideal retreat for both formal and informal sessions. Excellent peripheral arrangements and efficient logistic support is what the customer gets as a normal part of his experience.
Facilitators and Trainers for Outbound Training Programs, Team Building Workshops, Outdoor Activity Instructors, Sales Trainers and Guides for Adventure Activities & Jungle Treks are available at Park Woods.

Also, extremely enjoyable for family groups and corporate leisure programmes with meadow lunches, treasure hunts, evening themes ranging from bonfire dinners to a Himachali Village Theme with folk dances, rustic music, hookahs and charpoys or a Jungle Shikari Theme with night treks and onsite barbecues for a really interesting experience.

Places around Parkwoods, Shoghi
Taradevi Temple: Drive to Taradevi Temple, just 11 kms away from Parkwoods, for a stunning view of Shimla town. By night the sight of the shimmering lights is mesmerizing. During the winters the forest and slopes around are laden with snow.

Shimla - The Charming Hill Station of North India (17 kms)
Spilling over the steep slopes of a 12 km ridge, in the lower Himalayas, is Shimla, the summer capital of erstwhile British India. Now the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh, it evokes a sense of nostalgia with its pretty gabled cottages, half-timbered buildings and old churches. The imperial legacy is at its most vivid here, and legends of a colorful past still walk the streets; while the Mall is agog with elegant shops and bustling, gay cosmopolitan crowds.

While in Shimla, one can tour Viceregal Lodge - the imposing six-storey edifice, which is today the institute for advanced studies, Jakhu hill - the highest point of Shimla with a famous temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. St. Micheal's Cathedral on the Ridge, is regarded as the second oldest church in north India and is known for its fine stained glass windows.
Mashobra: Pine and oak woods frame the beautiful retreat of Mashobra, 29 km from Parkwoods. Enchanting trails wind through the forest to lovely gardens. Through thick woods, a side road leads to Bekhalty. From the heart of Mashobra, a pedestrian track leads down to Sipur. This is a large and exquisite glade shaded by ancient cedar trees. Streams of cool water gently divide it. The pastoral picture is completed by the temples on the edge. A trek to Shali Peak - the highest in the area, can be made from Mashobra.
Kufri: A little hamlet, just 33 km away from Parkwoods, offers unparalleled views of the countryside and the majestic Himlayan mountains. The Winter Sports capital, Kufri is the focal point of a large number of ski enthusiasts who come here to enjoy the fine ski slopes.
Naldehra: 39 km from Parkwoods, at a height of 2044 mtrs, is a mini golf course (9 holes) which must be one of the most picturesque in the world. The surrounding country, bouncy turf and a grove of deodars which are its crowning glory, caught the eye of Lord Curzon, and the golf course was laid under his personal supervision.
Chail : Once the summer capital of Maharaja of Patiala, the area is spread over three hills. One has the village of Chail, the other has the Snow View mansion and the third one has the Palace cum hotel of Chail.

Day Treks
Soft Treks
It can be a soft trek where you go as a big group and porters carry your backpacks. You go one way on foot and return on four wheels. The site would be a lush green meadow where the helpers set out a sumptuous meal for you.

Survival Treks
Or undertake a more interesting survival trek where you are divided into teams and to trace your way and find food along the path, you are given maps and clues. You also encounter soft obstacles along the way to make the trek more exciting. You walk through interesting forest trails to reach an emerald clearing perhaps by a waterbody. Here you are met by the Retreat staff who would have kept ready an appetising lunch. Trained instructors help and guide you as and when required.
The day treks can vary from 2-3 hours upto a full day trek where one leaves after an early breakfast and tries to get back by sunset.

Overnight Camping
If you have a real streak of adventure, the group can undertake overnight camping. The base camp is Parkwoods, Shoghi and you reach the overnight camping site after an interesting 5-6 hour full day trek. Here, small tents are pitched, you curl inside sleeping bags for the night and food is cooked over campfires under the mystic night sky. Kitchen staff, guides and porters accompany you to take care of all logistics.

Night Treks
Those who want their nightly comforts and the ‘luxuries’ of the Retreat and psychological safety of Parkwoods (the permanent ‘base camp’) but nevertheless want to experience an adrenaline rush, while combating the fear of the unknown, can undertake a night trek.
After sunset and evening tea take a 2-3 hour round trek. With flashlights, catseyes, and an indomitable spirit, explore the paths through the forested undergrowth – the dark shadows, night sounds of the jungle, the suspense of the unknown at the next bend – makes it a lifetime experience!
Back at the Retreat a crackling bonfire and a delicious barbecue would await you. Sitting around, bonhomie spreads as you debate who were the fearless tigers and who were the scary rabbits!All the treks are very enjoyable with gradual climbs, beautiful landscapes, encountering small villages enroute and passing through pine, deodar and oak forests with lovely views and diverse flora and fauna.

The sites are very picturesque. One is a huge lush meadow on a hilltop surrounded by pine trees. Another is a beautiful ridge with verdant forests all around and panoramic views. We also have an overnight camping site by a small river. Here adventure activities can also be set up.
Only 18 kms short of Shimla (Himachal Pradesh, Northern India) and 2.7 kms from the Kalka - Shimla highway, a picturesque forest drive takes you to Park Woods. Surrounded by a most scenic countryside with spectacular views and a wide variety of birdlife. Here the delightful chirping of birds and lush pine, oak and rhododendron forests welcome you !

The drive itself is as interesting as the place.
Situated on a ridge, at a height of 5700 feet, the panoramic views of the forest and valley around and the mountains beyond makes it a delightful locale.

Location: 335 kms from New Delhi, 18 kms short of Shimla (Himachal Pradesh).
73 kms from Kalka, 105 kms from Chandigarh and 135 kms from Ambala.

By road: 6.5 hours from Delhi via Sonepat, Karnal, Panchkula, Kalka, Solan, Kandaghat.
By rail: Morning and overnight trains to Kalka which is 73 kms from Shoghi. Thereafter Shoghi is 2 hours by road. Cabs are easily available at Kalka Railway Station. Or take the toy train from Kalka till Kandaghat. From Kandaghat, Parkwoods is 17 kms. By air: Shimla, Chandigarh airports.
Route to be followed:
While coming from Delhi or Chandigarh, once you reach Kalka, follow the road to Solan. On reaching Kandaghat, follow the Shimla Highway.

From Kandaghat, after 13 kms you will see a board for "Mahalaxmi Furniture" and a white building and a small market 100 meters from here.
After another 2 kms, you will hit the milestone reading "Shoghi - 2 Kms" and Shimla - 15 ", take the diversion down the left side of the highway. Look for "Parkwoods" sign boards and drive 2.7 kms through the forest to reach the parking for Parkwoods. You park your vehicles here and walk 80 meters down a forested slope to reach the Retreat.

Package 2016

Valid Till 22nd Dec, 2016.

02 Nights Package

Premium Cottage: Rs.14500/- per couple.
Deluxe Cottage: Rs.12500/- per couple.
Swiss Deluxe Tent: Rs.9500/- per couple

Includes: Accommodation for 02 nights, Breakfast, Dinner, morning tea, all taxes. Adventure Obstacle Course Activities.

02 Nights Package

Premium Cottage: Rs.19000/- per couple.
Deluxe Cottage: Rs.17000/- per couple.
Swiss Deluxe Tent: Rs.14000/- per couple.

Includes: Accommodation of breakfast, lunch, dinner, adventure activities and all taxes

Itinerary (Synopsis) Day 01: Arrive at Parkwoods Hill Resort Shoghi for lunch. Adventure activities on the obstacle course and evening tea. Night trek followed by private bonfire and barbecue. Dinner. Overnight stay at Parkwoods. Day 02: Morning tea and breakfast. Valley Crossing and Rappelling. Guided forest hike with picnic lunch. Rock Climbing. Evening tea and dinner. Day 03: Morning tea and breakfast. End of stay at Parkwoods.

MAPAI Plan not available on Activity Packages).

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