Manali Break Cottage
Manali, Himachal Pradesh.
We started Manali Break Cottage for we both love exploring different cities, rustic nature, good food and connecting with people from different walks of life. There is something magical about manali. You just feel like you belong here. We had been searching for a nice location to open Manali Break Cottage in manali for a long time but didn’t find the perfect fit. Surely we had a long list of must haves which did not make it any easier but we didn’t want to compromise. It had to be a place where we would love to come for a vacation and not just another place to stay.

When we found this property on kanyal road in manali we were sure that this is it. A place where people can experience the real manali, nestled among apple orchards with breathtaking views from all sides and a serene tranquil environment, the real reason why people travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to come to manali.

Manali Break Cottage is nothing short of a dream coming true for both of us. Interestingly with Manali Break Cottage we are sort of restarting an old family tradition, a tradition our Grandparents started way back in 1970; running a successful hotel. We have fond memories of our childhood, all our cousins coming together from all over India and together have the time of our lives in our own hotel.

We sincerely hope that Manali Break Cottage gives that feeling of comfort, love and enjoyment to your family and friends…. See you at Manali Break Cottage .
Spacious rooms with breathtaking views of the mountains and the valley right from the comfort of your room. At Manali Break Cottage every guest is special and therefore we have ensured that every room at Manali Break Cottage offers gorgeous views of the mountains. After all isn’t that the reason why you travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers to come to manali.

Room Amenities
Spacious Rooms: Every room at Manali Break Cottage measures over 200 sq feet and above. Every room is well equipped with, King Size Bed fitted with 6inch mattresses for a peaceful sleep, Every room has comfortable sitting area for two, Well Equipped Attached Bathroom, 26” Flat screen TV with cable connection, provision for hot and cold water, Wifi internet available in common areas. Room Service available (7.30 AM – 10.30 PM).
Magical manali with its incredible landscape and exquisite scenery lures tourist all round the year. Little wonder that its is among the Top 3 most visited hill stations in India.

Traveling to Manali evokes many images… snow-capped mountains, flower-covered meadows, meandering river, historic temples and of acres of lush green apple orchards.

No matter the type of vacation you are looking for; Manali will surely meet and exceed your expectations. Manali has so much to offer that surely one vacation is not enough. At Manali Break Cottage we have put together an entire collection of activities all at one place and we have categorized it by types so that its easy for you to choose. Based on your interest select a particular section to explore the entire list of activities.

Nature Lovers

Soak up nature in its pristine form and be at peace.

Religious & Historic
Explore historic temples and monasteries take time off to connect spiritually.

Extreme Adventure
Jump over to the rough side, experience the adrenaline rush like never before.

Soft Adventure

Something Exciting which you can do together as a family.
Shopping for local and not so local stuff
If shopping and vacation go hand in hand for you… Manali won’t disappoint you.
Nature Lovers
Long Mountain Walks

Manali has so much to offer which you just can’t experience traveling in a car on a concrete road. Get off the road and start walking through the tall pine trees well past the habitation and into the wild. There are many trails we can recommend which start right from our Cottages and many more just few minutes away. Walk at your own pace. Breathe in the fresh air…. Rejuvenate your Soul.

Give a perfect ‘My Time’ to yourself.
Interested in a more organized walk. Try Trekking or Day Hikes.

River Beas
There are various places in manali where you could sit by the river side, dip your feet in absolutely cold water and enjoy with friends and family or just by yourself, read a book or actually do nothing.

Sometimes that fun too.
This is the same river which you will see while coming to manali from kullu.

Jogini Waterfalls
A pleasant walk along the river beas and ancient village Vashisht brings you to Bahang where Jogini Falls is situated. On the way you will witness some amazing architecture, temple and sulphur springs. Its approx a one hour trek, once on top, enjoy your packed lunch while admiring magnificent snow clad mountains all around. Make sure you are wearing good footwear and comfortable clothes, carry snacks and water.

Jana Falls
Jana fall named after the nearby village ‘Jana’ is about 38 km away from manali. Waterfalls have something mesmerizing about them and Jana Falls is no different. You can trek up the mountain to get a more clear view of the fall. Its a beautiful experience just sitting around and listening to birds chirping and soothing water flowing. There are a couple of eateries run by the locals, a must try, the food is local, home made and very delicious, the rates are very reasonable. The roads to Jalls Falls are not the best, one needs to be very careful, especially during monsoons season.


A picturesque village at the bottom of Rohtang pass which offers thrilling views of the deep gorges through which beas flows swiftly. A visit to this village will make your manali vacation feel more special.

Solang Valley
Solang Valley is approx 13 kms from Manali nestled between beas kund and soland village. This is a beautiful valley surrounded by snow clad mountains and glaciers. Its a very famous tourist spot for adventure sports, i.e., skiing, parachuting, zorbing, paragliding, etc. Millions of people across the globe visit solang valley in summer and winter for their share of fun activities. This famous place is also the center of the annual winter skiing fastival.

Rohtang Pass
Its 51 kms from Manali and at a height of 3980 meters, Rohtang Pass once served as a crucial trade route, and still remains the gateway to the districts of Lahaul and Spiti.The Pass is open from June to November each year, and provides breathtaking views of the entire surroundings. Just beyond the Pass is the Sonapani Glacier and the twin peak of Gaypan. The Beas Kund, the source of the Beas river, a holy site for Hindus, as the sage Vyas is said to have meditated at this spot, is also accessible from the Rohtang Pass.

Extreme Adventure

Jump over to the rough side, experience the adrenaline rush like never before.

River Rafting

An absolutely must do activity when in Manali. It gives you a great high and of course it’s perfectly safe. Even safe for people who don’t know how to swim. It helps if you know but if you don’t, then don’t hold yourself back. You would love it.
This usually will take up your entire day. Starting at 8 in the morning from your hotel to 4 in the evening when you will be back in your hotel in manali. It includes a one and a half hours drive either side from manali to kullu ( the starting point of your river rafting ). Depending on the current you would be in the river for approximately 45 min to 1 1/2 hour covering a total stretch of 15 km.
At Manali Break Cottage we can make all arrangements for you ahead of your arrival should you need us to do so.

Rohtang Pass and Solang Nallah in Manali offer variety of locations for the skiers. There are a variety of courses offered for skiing lovers, ranging from beginner to becoming an expert. People from all phases of life come to enjoy these spots for fulfilling their dream of skiing, expert skiers can also enjoy helisking during the winter months, more details can be availed from department of tourism. The beginners can take a easy course or alternatively hire an instructor for a short duration and enjoy their time in safe hands. Whether you are a novice or a pro, skiing at manali is a great experience.

Para Gliding
Fly like a Bird (with one of the best instructors and equipments) Again not something for the soft hearted… but definitely worth trying once, who knows may this becomes a lifelong love affair. This valley offers one of the best sites for amateurs para gliders.

High Altitude Trekking
Kullu valley has been the playground for serious trekking enthusiasts both nationally and internationally for decades. With an average altitude of 5000-6000 meters it offers many challenging trek routes. High altitude treks are done in groups and organized by people who know the terrain very well.

Soft Adventure
Adventure you can experience together as a family. If you are physically fit we would recommend that you try some of the adventure sports here and add a zing to your manali vacation.

An exciting yet simple activity of coming down a cliff using ropes and carabiners. Descending down gives you moments of weightlessness and a feeling of great high.

River Crossing

Sounds simple but its quite exciting when done as a family or group. You can cross the river either through the rope bridge or by entering the water. All proper safety measures and supports are provided by the organizing company.

Day Hikes
Get upclose with nature and the people of manali. Day Hikes are a great way to experience the real manali. Day hikes usually span up to 4-6 hours depending on the track you choose. Yes its a lot of walking but pretty rewarding and when you do it as a family the vacation seems a bit more complete.

River Beas
The jewel of manali. This is the same river which flows to your right as you drive up to manali. To us this river truly makes manali magical. No vacation to manali is complete without sitting by the side of this river bank and dipping your feet and hands into this freezing water.

A little pocket of Joy in Manali.

Located at one of the highest points in manali just 3 km from the main mall road, overlooking the beautiful Rohtang Pass and surrounded by apple orchards, Manali Break Cottage is a perfect choice to stay when in manali. While no one needs reasons to come to Manali we have many reasons for you to choose Manali Break Cottage for your next vacation to Manali.
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