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    Lakhawati's,Ensconced high in the valley,breathtaking beauty makes it a paradise on earth.It is basically a winter base camp,situated on a riverbed and is ideal for visiting in the winters from October to March.At this site,pandavas lived during their exile.The remains still show the lingas and the yonis of their worshop.
      Bewilderment turns to awe at the majestic natural magnificance of the place around.And ASHEX gives one the opportunity to spend time in this land of dreams.

Situated at a picturesque location on the bedside of a small river,adjacent to paddy fields,One will get the chance to live life in Serene Surroundings,away from the hustle bustle of city life.A canopy of stars give one company,the wild flowers seek ones company and chirping birds demand attention.
River shalvi flows right next to the camp site.It flows with gargling sound dancing like a serpent to the whispering breeze of churdhar,the abode of Lord Shiva.One can indulge in swimming,ludo, chess,carrom board and tambola.If it doesn't hold your attention.One can visit the nearby Sarahan temple at Bijjat Maharaj.
At here,the chilling nights make one to dance to the local tune of drums.where nature is at its prime with the apple orchives,paddy fields and the free flowing streams,make your stay divine.

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