Idlenook Cottage
Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Are you seeking to be away from the chaos of the city life ? Are you hoping for a few days of complete peace & harmony with nature ? Are you thinking of giving a break to your kids from the fast foods & the shopping malls ? Are you looking writing a few poems or maybe even a novel ? If the answer to any one of the questions is a "Yes", then you are looking at the right page.

Idlenook Cottage is a perfect place to just relax & rejuvenate. The cottage is located on the Old Shimla Road. Situated on a hilltop at a height of 5800 ft, it overlooks the Dagshai hills.

The view, as you see from the pictures above, is breathtaking. Many a times, the entire hill is engulfed with Mist. At the Idlenook cottage, you are amidst the scent of Pines and pure medicinal air.

Your kids could get their homework & study books, if you want them to catch up with, a little academics too. The ambience is perfect, to make whatever, they learn, get embedded in their brains. Unlike, the city, here, they can sit outside on the terrace, or the sit-outs and study, without any disturbance.

The temperature in the summers are very pleasant to nippy (you could use a jacket) & in the winters it gets quite cold, but not very harsh. You could have an occasional Snow fall. For all the religiously inclined guests, there is the Balak Nath Mandir nearby.

The Idlenook Cottage, has One Bedroom, Living cum dining room, fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom on the 1st level & Two Bedrooms with attached terraces, both rooms have attached bathrooms. The cottage can actually take a whole group, but, it won't be able to cater to a lot of extra beddings. We may allow, a group, if we are comfortable with them, but, you will have to get your sleeping bags.

Location - 300 Kms. from Delhi and 60 Kms. from Chandigarh (the nearest Airport) and just 40 Kms. from Kalka (the nearest Railway Station).





Idlenook Garden Room (level 1): Rs.4500/- per night.
Idlenook Pine View Room (level 2): Rs.4500/- per night.
Idlenook Valley View Master's Room (level 2): Rs.6000/- per night.
Full Idlenook Cottage (all three rooms): Rs.13500/- per night.

Extra Person: Rs.1000/- per person per night.

Includes: Accommodation, Use of the Kitchen and all applicable taxes.

cottage. You can even get very good dhaba food in the same location. Its been tried & tested / tasted many a times. In other words, the cottage is ideal, whether you want to do self-cooking or order food from outside. Though, we do not guarantee, all the time, but a Cook maybe provided at an extra cost of Rs.750/- per day. Do note, that, if you are taking just one or two rooms out of the total three rooms we have, you may have to share the kitchen with the other room guests. In case, you are taking all the three rooms, the kitchen is yours for the entire stay period..


Tele : +91-11-41612107, 26823836. Mobile: 9810002772, 9910002772.