East Delhi Banquets
East Delhi, New Delhi.
The East Delhi Banquets located in the heart of east Delhi, East Delhi Banquets is almost like a hint that abundant joy, is just around the corner. Infarct its an invitation to celebrate life in special way. Designed to be hub for people with discerning tastes, it’s where the true connoisseur comes home to revel in the choice luxuries of life. East Delhi Banquets’s sprawling complex is set admits lush green landscape.
We are proud to present the entire gamut of East Delhi Banquets & we know it will certainly pamper the culture as well as the culinary needs of our members.

The mesmerizing rendezvous of culture- the auditorium at East Delhi Banquets provides settings for events like conventions expositions & musical shows. Managed by an ardent team of Audio- Visual Professionals, the auditorium is facilitated with the finest in today’s technology.

Our banquet halls are truly a regale affaire. It’s a pillar less banquet cum exhibition hall. it is located in the lobby level and can accommodate a gathering of 300. Catering to every need of yours. Banquets at East Delhi Banquets are where the ceremonies are made timeless.

With refined look fused with simple yet sophisticated adamants, the art gallery at East Delhi Banquets breathes new hues for the true connoisseurs. It houses works by reputed/ budding artistes and painters.
You can also explore the new dimensions in the powerful world of business, be it for meetings, corporates, presentations or affiliated programs. Sapphire 2 the conference hall offers a compact ambience to get things going.

Our exclusive Restaurant offers the finest gourmet fare- authentic, Chinese, Indian and the lip smacking fun filled food court...

Our Sapphire IV banquet hall can accommodate 100 and gives royal look to the event take place here. .

If you want to take over the cruise the culinary voyage will take you to the wild and the wonderful Indian delights. Sigdi –the Indian cuisine, 62 cover Restaurant inspired by the rugged theme of North West frontier also serves various types of dishes.

As we move towards the Food Court you can experience the fun of fast food culture under one roof. Food stations for sizzling kathis to sumptuous biryani, Chinese Cuisines, South Indian dishes, you can also enjoy the dilliwalla and mumbiya chaats .some of the suitable joint will surely add to your temptations

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce an exquisite buffet arrangement for veg at Vibes the members joint. Shape-up, the health Club is the state of the art club with the latest in gym equipments. The provision of Spa, Yoga and Jacuzzi is a absolute plus to the total health experience. A thorough body toning at very affordable rate for members is surely a key success to the Shape- up. So, get indulge with East Delhi Banquets and feel the difference. The story is not yet over we also provide the ODC (outdoor catering).



Sapphire-1, 2,4,the banquets at East Delhi Banquets is truly a regale affair. The Sapphires are the pillar less banquets cum conference hall with the art décor walls. it is located at the lobby level and can accommodate the gathering of 50-300 people. Catering to every need to yours. Here the ceremonies are made timeless.

East Delhi Banquets houses a fully equipped state-of-the-art auditorium built to international standards. Perfect for celebrations, showsand the cultural events like –Dance, Music and the theatrical performances. East Delhi Banquets boasts of perfect acoustics that match up with an unparalleled elegance. It provides a dynamics environment for an audience to get enthralled. Professionally manned by Audio-Visual professionals, the auditorium is facilities with the finest in today's technology.

Conference Room
Explore new dimensions in the powerful world of business. Perfectly suited to open avenues for those who seek success, the Conference Hall at East Delhi Banquets beckons corporate and business professionals to envision a new future. Be it for seminars meetings corporate presentations or affiliates programs, it offers a co a compact yet dynamic ambience get things going.


Food court
Food court at East Delhi Banquets features culinary delights like food stations for sizzling kathis to sumptuous Biryanis, Chinese cuisine, South Specialities, Chapata Dilliweala Chaats,as well as snack stops featuring some of the most palatable fast food brands.

Fine dining Restaurant, The Sigdi is a paradise for those who love to savor the specialties of Indian Cuisine. With a rustic theme, this 62 cover restaurant draws the décor inspiration from the environs of the rugged North west frontier. Special attractions include Tandoor kitchen and a bara handi that gives you a visual delight of frontier cooking. Impeccably created to offer you the best eat-out experience, The Sigdi is truly class apart.

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