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When we speak of Bihar we are remembered of ancient India when Buddhism was evolving into what now is an universal religion. The Word "Bihar" has been coined from "Vihara" meaning Buddhist Monasteries. At one time in the epoch of history these "viharas" were all strewn over the landscape of Bihar, around villages and cities alike.One of India's poorest and most politically unstable states, Bihar is the fascinating land where the great Buddha received enlightenment and preached his gospel of peace and love. The present name of the state of Bihar owes its origin to the Viharas built by Lord Buddha.

Bihar is a beautiful state dotted with religious and historical landmarks. It lies in the gangetic plain region and is divided by the River Ganges into North and South Bihar. A succession of great rulers like Chandragupta Maurya and Emperor Ashoka ruled over this region, and it is therefore hard to imagine how Bihar came to be such a backward state.

Bihar is the land of lush green plains, beautiful flora and fauna, attractive tourist destinations like the world famous ancient seats of learning like Nalanda and Vikaramshila, marvellous Madhubani Paintings (Mithila Arts), enchanting Sujuni work, gorgeous Bhagalpuri Silk, rich mineral resources, the world famous delicious litchi (lychee) and mangoes. Situated in the eastern part of India with the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal to its north and the states of Orissa, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh flanking its sides, it is today home of more than 90 million Indians.

Patna its capital city today, Patliputra in those times was home to one of the greatest monarchs in the history of the world who ruled over much of the Indian - Subcontinent and extended as far as Iran and Afghanistan to the West. Bihar is the fascinating land of great religious leaders like Gautama Buddha, Lord Mahavir and Guru Gobind Singh.




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