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Tamil Nadu is a wonderful tourist place. It has natural beauty i.e.blue beaches and clear skies. People enjoy the peace amidst the lively and magnificent temples. There are more than 30,000 temples in Tamil Nadu, which has given the state the distinctive title of 'A Land of Temples'. Built by various dynasties these temples bear a superficial resemblance to each other in that they share the same physical features - the gopuram or the imposing tower over the entrance and the spacious halls and corridors.

The history of the Tamils presents an exciting pageant of a powerful civilization whose origin dates back to ancient times. It is clear that the Tamils, who belong to the Dravidian race, were the first major occupants of the country and settled in the north-western part of India long before the coming of the Indo-Aryans. Excavations have revealed that the features of the people of the Indus Valley Civilization bore a strong resemblance to this race.


Tamil Nadu celebrates all their festivals in colourful splendour. Tamil Nadu offers the traveller excellent value, particularly in accommodation. Hotel prices are generally lower than they are further north and standards are often higher. The food in Tamil Nadu is comparatively inexpensive and good. Tamil Nadu provides the visitor with a wide variety of cuisines

For the tourists, most important point to remember about Tamil Nadu is the rainy season between October and December when the northeast monsoon brings rain here. Throughout the year for the plains, cotton is the best wear. In the hilly areas, you will need to carry a light sweater or two, heavier woollens are a must for winter. Umbrellas are extremely needed during the hottest months and raincoats will come in handy between October and December i.e. the rainy season. The best time to visit to Tamil Nadu is between November and March.

Tamil Nadu is bounded by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the north and Kerala in the west. The eastern and western tips of the state are defined by the Point Calimere and Mudumalai wildlife sanctuaries while the northern extreme is Pulicat lake and the southernmost tip is Kanyakumari, the land's end. The people of Tamilnadu lead relaxed lifestyles. The urban social recreations include clubs, golf links, beach resorts, theme parks, race courses, art and theatre. Visits to game reserves, holiday resorts, long sandy beaches, zoological and entertainment parks and sanctuaries are the other many social pastimes available. Tourists spots include hill stations like Ooty and Kodaikkanal which are all time favourites.


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