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Visit India 

The most economical and convenient way to see India

Welcome to India. A country where history, culture, colour, cuisine and nature exhibit more diversity than nearly anywhere else in the world. A country of amazing paradoxes, where bullock carts and jets co-exist in perfect harmony. A perfect fusion of the modern and the archaic.

India is all this and more. She is the personification of all that is enchanting and beautiful. A mesmerising mix of natural beauty, creativity, spirituality, boisterousness, warmth and colour. She is what you make of her.

See India with a range of supersaver plans from Jet Airways

Jet Airways, the international travelers' most preferred airline in India, now introduces the Three Fare Plan periods tailored to suit your specific needs. Each of these plans offers excellent value for money. Spend more time sightseeing instead of wasting time travelling from one destination to another.

Visit India Fares period - Cost ( US $)*


Cost(In US $)*

Adult Under 12 years Under 2 years
07 days 300 150 30
15 days 500 250 50
21 days 750 375 75
* Please note, an additional charge of USD 5.00 towards the Passenger Service Fee and USD 5.00 towards Insurance Surcharge is applicable per flight coupon i.e. per sector flown as per Government of India regulation.

For a seven day fare, it is mandatory to travel within a specified region only (i.e. you are not permitted to travel from one region to another).

Travel to and from Port Blair (IXZ) is not permitted in any of the Visit India Fares, i.e. Port Blair is excluded from the Visit India Fares.

The Visit India Fare has been designed to enable you to visit as many places as you like, in a single direction (say North - South) or in a circuit without backtracking over any destination. However, if you do backtrack over a sector, you will be expected to take a connecting flight within 24 hours. If your transit exceeds 24 hours you will be expected to pay a supplement only for that sector. In short, you can't transit through a city more than once except to catch a connecting flight to your final destination.

Jet Airways has an extensive network, covering destinations which are rich with tourist attractions.

Visit India tickets are available in India and overseas at all our ticketing offices, travel agents or GSA offices.

You can change the fare period from 7 to 15 to 21 days or vice versa, only before the commencement of the first leg of your tour.

You will also be expected to present your passport.

A week filled with wonder, for just US$ 300 ---- Book Now

Jet Airways' one week fare plan enables you to travel within a specific region in India. You can choose among North, South, East or West regions. It is mandatory to travel within a region and travel from one region to another is not allowed.

You can travel to the following cities under each zone:
East West North South
Bagdogra Ahmedabad Chandigarh Bangalore
Guwahati Aurangabad Delhi Calicut
Imphal Bhavanagar Jaipur Chennai
Jorhat Bhopal Jammu Cochin
Kolkata Bhuj Jodhpur Coimbatore
Diu Khajuraho Hyderabad
Goa Leh Madurai
Indore Lucknow Mangalore
Mumbai Ludhiana Tirupati
Nagpur Srinagar Trivandrum
Porbandar Udaipur Vishakapatnam
Pune Varanasi

You could spend your week-long visit in India discovering a particular part of the Northern region. Your trip could be a historical tour that covers Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur. Discover Delhi's forts, drive down to Agra and gaze in awe at the Taj or see some of India's finest mausoleums at Fathepur Sikri. Slip into the past in Jaipur and Udaipur. Walk through the erstwhile Maharajahs' stately palaces, survey their kingdoms from the ramparts of a fort, sleep in their rooms or spend the night in the desert under a canopy of stars.

Note: For a seven day fare, it is mandatory to travel within a specified region only (i.e. you are not permitted to travel from one region to another).

"Travel to and from Port Blair (IXZ) is not permitted in any of the Visit India Fares, i.e. Port Blair is excluded from the Visit India Fares."

A two-week journey of discovery for only US $ 500 ---- Book Now

If you're planning to spend two weeks in India, the 15-day Visit India Fare can take you on a grand tour of discovery along the length of the country. You could begin your journey by flying from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) in Kerala. Laze around on the beach at Kovalam, spend a night in a houseboat, discover the placid backwaters or watch the sun set on three Oceans at Kanyakumari. In Chennai, you can pick up an unusual souvenir, unwind on the pristine beaches or let the architecture of the temples in the region stir your soul.

India's Garden City, Bangalore, is a gateway for many other tourist attractions in the region. The palaces and gardens of Mysore, the verdant hills of Coorg and the natural beauty of game forests of Mudumalai will vie for your attention. Carry on to India's latest cyber-capital, Hyderabad and you'll be transported into a world of unimaginable wealth, antiquity and splendour. From Hyderabad, you can fly northward and spend a few days in Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur (see 7-day plan) and let the monuments tell their own tales, before you return to Mumbai

Three weeks of enchantment for only US $750 -------Book Now

Our 21-Day Visit India Fare can help you explore every region and touch the very heart of India. Simply follow the 15-day plan route until you're ready to leave Hyderabad. Then fly across to Calcutta - a world of imposing monuments, quaint ethnic townships and gateway to the Sunderbans, home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. It's a short hop from Calcutta to Bagdogra, which is the transit point for the charming North-eastern hill state of Sikkim. In Sikkim you can go river rafting, pay your respects at a hill top monastery, watch the sun rise over the Himalayas or even indulge in some unusual millet brew! From Bagdogra, you can carry on to the North and discover the architectural richness, pomp and grandeur of Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur before returning to Mumbai.

The routes suggested are only sample routes, to give you an idea of how many places you can visit in a stipulated period. So, pull out your guide book or visit your travel agent and make sure you see India in the quickest, most economical way possible- with the Jet Airways Visit India Fares.


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