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One of the most ancient of Indian cities, Delhi has long been the favorite cities of kings. Nowhere is one far from the vestiges of the past ... the squat domes of ancient monuments are as much a part of the capital as slender steel-and-concrete skyscrapers. Now it is one of India's fastest growing cities, has spread far beyond the "seven cities", created between the 13th and the 17th centuries. It has sprawled over the west bank of the river Yamuna, straddling the river. Remnants of the glorious past survive cheek - by - jowl with soaring skyscrapers, posh residential colonies and bustling commercial complexes. Delhi has some of the finest museums in the country. Its boutiques and shopping arcades offer access to a wealth of traditional and contemporary crafts, from all over the country. Delhi is a major travel gateway. It is one of India's busiest entrance points for overseas airlines, the hub of the north Indian travel network, and a stop on the overland route cross Asia. 

In Indian history Delhi has played a major role, though it hasn't always the capital of India. Indraprastha, the earliest known Delhi, was centered near present-day Purana Qila. New Delhi was constructed by the British - the move from Calcutta was announced in 1911 but construction was not completed, and the city officially inaugurated, until 1931. In 1947, it became the capital of truncated India, and Hindu and sikh refuges poured in from pakistan.

Delhi is a relatively easy city to find your way around although it is very spread out. The section of interest to visitors is on the west bank of Yamuna river and is divided basically into two parts - the tightly packed streets of Old Delhi and spacious, planned areas of New Delhi. New Delhi is a planned city of wide, tree-lined streets, parks and fountains.

City Helpline

Railways Airlines Hospitals
General Enquiry Tel-131-3366177,3366162
Reservation Enquiry
Tel- 3348686,3348787
            Arrival              Departure 
North    1331                 1336
East     1332                 1337
South   1333                 1338
West    1334                 1339

Indian Airlines
Reservation  Tel-141
Arrival Tel-142
Departure Tel- 143
Air India Recoded
Reservation  Tel-146,147
Arrival Tel-144
Departure Tel- 145
Cancellation Tel- 148
Jet Airways
City Office Tel- 6517443,6853700
British Airways
Airport Tel- 5652077/2908
Air France
Tel- 3718853,3317054
Airport Tel- 5652099/2294

Indraprastah Appolo Hospital
Tel- 6925858/6925801
Escorts Heart Institute
Tel- 6844820
Tel- 661123 / 6864851
Batra Hospital
Tel- 6987485-86/ 6983747




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